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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mr.good & Mr.bad

There were two brothers named 'good' and 'bad'(obviously once upon a time).They born and existed without mother and father (no body knows how it is possible but they did).
Whatsoever ,as always happens, happened in this case also, they grew teens and without any excuse of old times, there is a filmy twist in story. Yah… they both fell in love with same young lady ‘miss public’. Lean & thin and cunning ‘good’ realized the lady was more interested in built strong and shy ‘bad’.
So after plenty of restless thinking he started frightening her of Mr. bad’s power, convincing her about the extent to which ‘bad’ could have been dangerous and possible amount of harm cause. More he terrorized closer she came. Soon she started loving and finally worshiped him.
Even today, Mr.good whenever feels something like insecurity; he just starts shouting about said ‘danger’ and poor ‘miss public’ gets into more vigorous prays and worships.

Que.1:-Where were two brothers named 'good' and 'bad' once upon a time ?

Que.2:-Is there any moral even in this story ?

Que.3:- What do you know about god and devil ?

1 comment:

somyaa said...

I guess I am not intelligent enough to give first two answers but I think I can think about the third one.
I feel God n Devil r 2 sides of one coin. If you know God you must know devil too . One's knowledge is half without another's.